Re-New at the YWCA

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Empowering survivors of domestic violence by giving them a beautifully furnished home and a new beginning.

Re-New at the YWCA creates beautiful homes for women and their children who are leaving the Weaver Domestic Violence Center and getting a fresh start. Before Re-New, the YWCA could only provide these clients with a new place to live. Since most of these women were starting with nothing, it was often weeks or months before they could furnish their new homes. Re-New solved that problem. Re-New is run completely through volunteer efforts. Founded in 2010 by Nashville-based interior designer Julie Davis and her close friend Cheryl Hays, Re-New has furnished more than 200 homes of survivors starting their lives anew.

In addition to furniture donations, dedicated volunteers provide a pantry full of food and stock refrigerator staples prior to the move-in date at each Re-New apartment. Our partner Perenity provides fresh flowers for each home on move-in day.

Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this is happening! Everything looks AMAZING! A new crib for the baby, bunk beds for the girls, my very own chest of drawers! Re-New has done SO much for my family. It’s simply overwhelming!
Christan, Domestic Violence Survivor and Re-New Client
Re-New at the YWCA 100th Home
Re-New at the YWCA 200th Home

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How You Can Help

For more information on volunteering with or providing a monetary donation to Re-New, contact Cheryl Hays at

If you’re interested in donating furniture or other items, please check our donation wish list for our donation process and a list of current needs.