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Welcome to the YWCA Family Learning Center!  We have open enrollment for all Tennessee adults who wish to earn their High School Equivalency Degree through the HiSET program. All classes, tutoring, and practice tests are free of charge. At this time, our classes are being delivered on-line, which requires internet access and a computer, laptop, or telephone. Not having access to these does NOT mean that you cannot access instruction!  Our instructor will be happy to send you instructional material, and work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you learn, until we can resume our in-person classes.

Before accessing the enrollment form below, please be sure that you have a scanned copy of your government-issued photo identification, as we will ask you to upload that copy at the end of the form.

The last name on your primary ID must match (excluding hyphens and accents) the name on your enrollment.  The following ID documents – issued by any government – are acceptable:
·       Passport
·       Government-issued driver’s license or temporary license
·       State ID card (including those issued by the motor vehicle agencies)
·       National ID card
·       Military ID card

We look forward to welcoming you to our YWCA family!

See below for our January, February, and March class schedules or click to download our January and February schedules. 

¡Bienvenido al Centro de Aprendizaje Familiar de YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee! Hemos abierto las inscripciones para todos los adultos de Tennessee que deseen obtener su Título de Equivalencia de la Escuela Secundaria a través del programa HiSET. Todas las clases, tutorías y exámenes de práctica son gratuitos. En este momento, nuestras clases se imparten en línea, lo que requiere que Ud. tenga acceso a Internet y a un computador, ya sea de escritorio o portátil, o a un teléfono inteligente. ¡Si no tiene acceso a estos recursos, no se preocupe ya que esto NO significa que no pueda acceder al programa! Nuestro instructor estará encantado de enviarle material educativo, y así poder trabajar con ustedes directamente para ayudarles a aprender durante este tiempo hasta que podamos reanudar nuestras clases presenciales.

Antes de ingresar al siguiente formulario de inscripción, por favor, asegúrese de tener una copia escaneada de su identificación con fotografía, emitida por su gobierno de origen o del gobierno de Estados Unidos de América, ya que le pediremos que cargue esa copia al final del formulario.

El apellido usado en el formulario de inscripción debe coincidir con el apellido mostrado en su documento de identificación principal (excluyendo guiones y acentos). Se aceptan los siguientes documentos de identidad, emitidos por cualquier gobierno:
  • Pasaporte
  • Licencia de conducir o licencia temporal emitida por el gobierno
  • Carnet de identificación estatal (incluidas las emitidas por las agencias de transporte)
  • Carnet de identificación nacional
  • Carnet de identificación militar

¡Le esperamos para darle la bienvenida a nuestra familia YWCA!

We are proud of our 2020 FLC Graduates! Check out their virtual graduation ceremony here.

We are grateful to our community partners, including the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, for supporting our program.


Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty through adult and early childhood education.

The YWCA’s Family Learning Center offers high-quality, culturally sensitive, comprehensive programming to help families break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and illiteracy. The FLC’s FREE adult education program boasts nearly 25 percent of all HiSET (formerly GED) graduates from the Nashville region. Our FLC offers: 

  •     Ongoing enrollment in FREE classes (English and Spanish)
  •    Setting and obtaining educational goals
  •    Instructions in all areas of the HiSET (formerly GED) exam
  •    Administration of the Test of Adult Basic Education
  •    Career counseling
  •    Family education

Entrance exams, official practice tests, and classes are all provided free of charge at the YWCA’s Woodmont Avenue location and at the Hispanic Family Foundation. For additional information, call (615) 269-9922 or email

We are proud to work with a diverse network of community partners, including the Hispanic Family Foundation and Catholic Charities. Our generous funders include the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville. If you would like to support our Family Learning Center, please make a secure, tax-deductible donation below. Thank you!


To make a donation via PayPal, click here. 


Finding the YWCA and completing the program has not only changed the course of my life, it has also increased the quality of life for my entire family I am proud of the example I am setting for my children. That is the power of the YWCA—it’s a ripple effect that heals, helps, and serves not only individuals, but the community.
Carolyn, FLC Graduate
Family Literacy Center client Karen tells her story

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Test
For just $100, you can cover the cost of a student’s HiSET exam – a test that could change their life forever. Give a second chance to one of our adult learners by donating now.

Interested in volunteering as a tutor?
Contact Allison Adams via email or phone at 615-983-5144.