AMEND Together

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Changing a culture that supports violence against women by teaching healthy masculinity and respect.

AMEND Together (formerly called MEND) is a primary prevention initiative is dedicated to ending the epidemic of violence against women and girls by empowering young men and boys to become catalysts for cultural change. Together, we seek to challenge the culture that supports violence, cultivate healthy masculinity in men and boys, and change the future for women and girls.  AMEND Together partners with Metro Nashville Public Schools to provide AMEND clubs across the city where hundreds of boys are provided a safe space to talk about healthy masculinity and gender-based violence.

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Of the many things I’ve learned in the AMEND club, learning about the objectification and violence against women touched my spirit the greatest…I have a wonderful mother and beautiful sisters that I love dearly, I can’t imagine anyone verbally, physically, and mentally destroying their being and self-worth because society has given men the “green light” to treat and display women in a negative light.
Josiah P., Hillsboro High Student
A look inside our AMEND Together clubs in Metro Nashville Public Schools
Shan Foster speaks with United Methodist Men about the AMEND partnership

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We are investing in the lives of hundreds of boys each year in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Help us continue to challenge the culture that supports violence against women by cultivating healthy masculinity in men and boys. Donate now.

AMEND Together Schools

Antioch High School

Antioch Middle School

Apoloo Middle School

Cameron Middle School

East Magnet High School

Hillsboro High School

Issac Litton Middle School

Jere Baxter Middle School

Madison Middle School

Maplewood High School

Margaret Allen Middle School

McKissack Middle School

McGavock High School

Pearl-Cohn High School

Stratford High School

Stratford Middle School

Two Rivers Middle School

Whites Creek High School