Get Help

Need help? Have questions? Call our anonymous, confidential 24/7 Crisis & Support Helpline: 1-800-334-4628 or TEXT (615) 983-5170

Our trained counselors are ready when you are to answer questions about your personal situation or that of a loved one. They can also direct you to community support groups, develop a safety plan, and connect you with law enforcement, advocates, or the Family Justice Center.

Calling our Crisis & Support Helpline (1-800-334-4628) or texting us at (615) 983-5170 is the first step in accessing the Weaver Domestic Violence Center. The largest emergency shelter in the region, this warm and welcoming 65-bed center is situated in a confidential location in Nashville. We welcome survivors and their children up to the age of 17-years old. Male survivors are housed in a separate, undisclosed facility. Stays are limited to 75 days. While in shelter, residents are paired with a case worker who helps them begin the process of healing and connects survivors with community services to help them become self-sufficient. 

Learn more about the Weaver Domestic Violence Center by reading this article by Landon Woodroof from the TN Administrative Office of the Courts. Or view this powerful video of a real survivor and MNPD Domestic Violence Unit Detective on signs of abuse and accessing our resources. 

Special thanks to cinematographer Shelby Nicole Goldsmith for this video.

In order to offer compassionate services to residents, we must have some basic safety rules in place. When residents do not follow these rules, they are asked to exit the shelter. Reasons for being asked to leave the shelter include violent acts, drug use, and breach of confidentiality requirements, including the location of the Weaver Center. Keeping the location confidential is also a state requirement. Weaver Center staff will always work with residents to explore alternative options for their safety, including finding another shelter in Nashville, the state of Tennessee, or even out of state.