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We offer a selection of group training sessions in the Nashville area and beyond that tackle the issues we work with every day. YWCA believes that education is an essential tool to raise awareness and create a better society for all. Our team members have trained groups in workplaces, schools, churches, colleges, athletic leagues, and salons. We’ve even trained members of the Tennessee General Assembly.  More information on the trainings we offer and how you can book them can be found below.

YWCA Orientation

We welcome the opportunity to give your group an overview of YWCA’s mission, services, and programs.  You’ll learn about our organization and the many ways it meet the needs in our community, as well as the opportunities available for your group to volunteer for and support YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee.

To book a YWCA Orientation for your group, contact Allison Adams via email.

Domestic Violence 101

As the largest provider of domestic violence services in the state of Tennessee, our staff are the regional leaders for DV education. Designed for group events, this in-depth training will give your group a better understanding of the crisis of domestic violence in our country, what some of the warning signs are, and the resources you have if you or someone you know ends up in an abusive situation. With a mix of research and anecdotal knowledge, this training will equip you to evaluate and respond comprehensively if you encounter domestic violence.

To book a DV 101 Training for your group, please contact Allison Adams via email.

Sexual Harassment Training

Our training on sexual harassment provides a comprehensive overview of the legislative history that created the workplace laws we have today as well as the situational context in which workers may experience harassment. This interactive and informative training is a useful tool for any employer looking to train their workforce without having to simply watch videos.

This training can also be combined with our AMEND Together training to provide more of a cultural context on gender-based violence and sexual assault.

To book a Sexual Harassment training for your staff, contact Kate Davis via email.

AMEND Together Training

AMEND Together training is different than the standard “crime and punishment” sexual  harassment training. While we do offer the traditional sexual harassment training overview, the addition of our AMEND Together philosophy provides a unique  preventative aspect by also addressing the culture that allows sexual harassment to occur in the first place.

The AMEND Together strategy engages and educates men and boys, but it is also an  effective tool for women. Our training identifies, educates, and equips all people to  serve as positive role models in violence prevention and cultural change. AMEND Together provides tools to change mentalities, language, and behaviors, thereby  transforming the culture that perpetuates violence against women. AMEND Together not only raises awareness, but it also creates real, measurable change by educating,  inspiring, and equipping individuals to redefine a culture that supports violence against women.

To book an AMEND Together training for your group, contact Kate Davis via email.

Shear Haven

Shear Haven is an initiative co-founded by Nashville-based salon owner and stylist Susanne Post. A survivor of domestic violence, Susanne is committed to educating the community on the signs of abuse and the resources available to help women and men who are victims. This domestic violence education program equips stylists with the knowledge and resources to recognize the signs of domestic violence, successfully navigate conversations with clients who may be in danger, and pass along tools that can help them get to safety.

To schedule a Shear Haven training, please contact Michelle Mowery Johnson via email.