Gertrude Caldwell Legacy Society

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We welcome you to join donors in the Gertrude Caldwell Legacy Society who have committed to investing in the YWCA’s future.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR PLANNED GIVING WEBSITE.

By including the YWCA in your estate plans, you are ensuring future generations of women, children, and families experiencing crisis and will find relief through our programs and services. Planned gifts can be made in gifts of stocks, bonds, IRA, life insurance, or real estate. All charitable distributions are tax-free and will provide ongoing support for the women and families in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

The Gertrude Caldwell Legacy Society is a planned giving recognition group dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Nashville. The legacy of giving from one generation to another provides a cornerstone to support the life-changing and empowering work of YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee. We invite you to become a member by including the YWCA in your estate plans.

No matter the size of the gift, which may include bequests, charitable trusts and annuities, life insurance or IRA beneficiary designations, real estate, land, stock, or securities, donors will be remembered as friends and benefactors of the YWCA. As a member of the GCLS, you can be assured that your philanthropy has a real and lasting impact.

Donors to the Gertrude Caldwell Legacy Society may make a gift to the YWCA’s general fund or designate their gift to support a specific program.

If you have already included the YWCA in your estate plans or would like more information on designating a planned gift for the YWCA, please contact Beth Boord, Executive Development Advisor via email or by phone 615-983-5149.

ABOUT GERTRUDE (January 30, 1937 – April 25, 2023)
Nashville native Gertrude Caldwell’s dedication to the women, children, and families of Middle Tennessee was unrivaled. From the moment she was invited to join the YWCA Board of Directors in the 1970’s, she has dedicated her energy to the concept that all women in our community should be safe, self-sufficient, and successful.

Long before the crisis of domestic violence was widely acknowledged, Gertrude and the leadership of YWCA recognized how pervasive this problem was within our own community and began working to address it. The YWCA opened the city’s first domestic violence shelter and added programming for newly divorced women and at-risk girls. When federal funding for these programs was slated to be cut, Gertrude traveled to Washington, D.C. to convince the late Senator Howard Baker and his colleagues to vote for continued funding. She was successful, and YWCA is now the largest provider of domestic violence services in Tennessee.

For decades as a volunteer, employee, and donor, Gertrude Caldwell gracefully and quietly championed the cause of YWCA. We were honored to name our Legacy Society after her in 1995, and trust that you will be inspired by her devotion to our cause and join this effort. We are delighted to ensure that the Gertrude Caldwell legacy continues in perpetuity.

GCLS Membership

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Beth Boord
Gertrude S. Caldwell*
Ruth L. Cate
Laura W. Cooke*
Virginia T. Craig*
Delta C. Davis*
Carole V. Ferguson*
Harriet H. Foley*
Barbara Leake Glasgow*
Mrs. B.B. Gullett*
Shirley M. Harvey*
Adelaide Hohanness*
Oja Juanita Holt*
Heloise W. Kuhn*
Martha D. Lagerquist*
Candy M. McCampbell
Mrs. Marta Roberts
Mary Ann Sugg*
Dianna D. Tomlin*
Robert and Ruth Warner*
Sue Fort White
Paula R. Wilson*