Fulcrum Society

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The Fulcrum Society is a group of women philanthropists whose support is critical to the YWCA’s mission of empowering women and girls. They are leveraging their support and influence to create opportunities not found anywhere else in Middle Tennessee. Fulcrum Society Members are responding to the YWCA’s rich history by investing directly in the life-saving and life-changing programs that impact thousands of women and girls. Fulcrum Society members are ensuring the YWCA’s 122-year old legacy will continue to grow, flourish and extend into the next century.   

Fulcrum Society members make a contribution of $5,000 or more each year. A personal contribution can be given with cash, gifts of stock (value for which it is sold), company match, and event donations. Click here to view Fulcrum Society benefits or contact Cathy Kaiser for more information.


Current Fulcrum Society Members

Nancy Abbott
Gail Alexander

Sue Atkinson
Grace Awh
Jan Babiak
Sallie Bailey
Melinda Balser
Ann Bumstead
Kali Cain
Beth Chase
Cile Cowan

Cindy Dempsey
Sherry Deutschmann
Kathy Dyer
Laurie Eskind
Tiffany Eubanks-Saunders
Sarah Ann Ezzell
Sara Finley
Beth Fortune
Pam Griffith
Claire Gulmi
Vicki Holton
Donna HySmith
Wanda Lyle
Rhonda Marko
Katherine McElroy

Jamie McPherson
Pat Meadows
Janet Miller
Rita Mitchell
Anne Morgan

Britton Nielsen
Hannah Paramore Breen
Celeste Reed
Sharon K. Roberson
Jen Robinson
Susan Simons
Jeanette Smith
Kathryn W. Smith
Sunny Spyridon
Kristin Taylor
Britnie Turner
Debbie Turner
Mimi Vaughn
Leigh Walton
Nicky Weaver
Amanda Weeks-Geveden
Mary Wester
Cynthia Whitfield-Story
Gail C. Williams
Jerry B. Williams
Christie Wilson