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“Eventually I became so passionate about the work we did, and I wanted to be more involved. So I waited.  When the Volunteer Manager position opened up, I applied for it. What I’ve found along the way it it is quality, not quantity of the volunteers that really make a difference in a nonprofit.”  Allison Adams, Director of Community Engagement & Dress for Success Nashivlle

With her big bold glasses, stunning silver hair, and true passion for making a difference, Allison Adams has been the shining beacon of YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee for nearly a decade. Having joined the organization in August 2014, Allison’s commitment to YWCA’s mission and programs is unwavering, earning her the title of the “Director of First Impressions” and, eventually, the Director of Community Engagement & Dress for Success.

Allison’s story with Nashville’s YWCA began with a desire to find meaningful work as an empty nester back in Nashville. Having spent 26 years as a stay-at-home mom in Greeneville, TN, writing a family humor column called Small World for the Greeneville Sun (and earning several Tennessee Press Awards) and volunteering with the local schools, she was drawn to the YWCA’s inspiring mission. Joining as a receptionist, Allison dedicated herself to knowing every member and program, ensuring everyone felt welcome and valued when they walked through the doors.

As the Manager of Volunteers, Allison’s passion for the YWCA’s work only intensified. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of volunteers, she made it her mission to nurture and sustain their involvement. Her genuine care for the community and the organization’s programs led her to cultivate meaningful relationships with volunteers and corporate partners alike.

Her keen eye for identifying passionate individuals also proved instrumental in maintaining the continuity and success of YWCA programs. When a key volunteer at the She Shed was ready to pass the baton, Allison helped ensure a seamless transition from Faye Parker to Alissa Burbank, a testament to her commitment to the organization’s goals.

With time, Allison’s role evolved, and she stepped into the newly created position of Director of Community Engagement. Here, she excelled in connecting YWCA to the broader community, nurturing corporate partnerships, and securing support from individuals eager to contribute their time and resources. Her ability to match donors’ interests with the YWCA’s diverse programs showcased her versatility and dedication.

When asked about her favorite program at the YWCA, Allison gracefully evaded choosing one, emphasizing her love for working with every program and finding the perfect matches for community supporters. Her ability to see the value in each program exemplifies her dedication to the YWCA’s overall mission and impact.

Under Allison’s leadership and engagement efforts, the YWCA has continued to evolve, making a profound impact on the Nashville and Middle Tennessee community. She envisions a future where more people know about the YWCA’s work, dispelling misconceptions about its affiliation with the YMCA. As the organization celebrates its 125th anniversary, Allison remains confident that the YWCA will continue to rise to meet the changing needs of the community, making a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Allison Adams’ journey at the YWCA has been nothing short of inspiring. Her passion, dedication, and community-focused approach have been a driving force behind the organization’s growth and impact. With her infectious enthusiasm and warm heart, Allison has truly become the heart and soul of the YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee. As she continues her tireless work, one thing remains certain: Allison Adams will always be a guiding light for those who strive to make the world a better place.

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